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Becoming a Patient

Thanks for your interest in WellFit Medicine and Nutrition!

Starting out:

To begin, new patients will need to start by submitting a new patient application. Once complete, you will receive a confirmation e-mail that will serve to orient you on our model and services.

Scheduling your first appointment:

After becoming familiar with the process, you can schedule your first appointment by using the “Schedule Here” option under the “New Patient” tab or through the scheduling button on the right side of our website. You will be directed to our scheduling portal and will be prompted to create a new account – remember this email address and password so you can schedule future visits or make changes to your existing appointments. New patients will schedule for a new patient registration and lab appointment. Please allow approximately an hour for this appointment. A deposit of $50 is required to make the reservation and for rescheduling, new patients must provide a week’s notice to receive a refund of the deposit. Outside of a week, patients should login to the scheduling page and cancel their appointment (it will be automatically refunded) and reschedule with a new appointment. Within a week’s notice, patients should contact us at If you are using a FSA or HSA to pay for this deposit, you will need to make the $50 payment by clicking on the orange “Click Here to Pay” button on the right side of our website and contact us at with your desired time slot.

If patients are not local and unable to visit Memphis for lab work, we can arrange to have labs drawn through any LabCorp location. Please see our LabCorp page for pricing information and contact us at to make this arrangment – please note you must visit Memphis for your comprehensive initial visit.

On the day of the new patient registration and lab appointment:

Patients should bring their insurance card for lab purposes, fast for at least 8 hours prior to labs, and drink plenty of water. You will complete our medical history form and have labs drawn. Before you leave, we will schedule your comprehensive initial appointment to review these labs. The appointment will be schedule at least 10 days after your lab work and will require a deposit of $450.

Between appointments:

Patients will receive information by e-mail. This includes a 5-day dietary log and Living Matrix, a cloud-based application that streamlines and automates the paper intake process, maps patient information into the Functional Medicine Timeline and Matrix, and tracks patients’ progress. With Living Matrix, you should save your progress along the way – avoid submitting the forms because you will be unable to update information. Please complete these before and bring the dietary log with you to your first appointment.

On the day of your comprehensive initial visit:

Patients will come in and first meet with our dietitian for a nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle screening. This information is conveyed to Dr. Draper as he prepares to meet with you to review your labs and to develop a plan. There will be no payment due for this visit as the previously paid $450 deposit covers the entire cost of the initial visit.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reference our FAQ’s.