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Established Patient Services

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Follow-up Appointments and Pricing:

Established patients can schedule for follow-up and labs through the link on the right side of our website.

Medical Services

prepayment required at time of booking

Follow Up Visits (Phone or Video Only):

  • 30 minute Visit – $150
  • 40 minute Visit – $200

Nutrition Services

prepayment required at time of booking

Office, Phone, and Video Visits:

  • 30 minute Visit – $75
  • 50 minute Visit – $90

Health Coaching Services

prepayment required at time of booking

Phone Appointment

  • 25 minute Visit – $30

Visit charges do not include injections, medications, laboratory testing, after hours charges or additional administrative charges.

Administrative Fee: $30. For any referrals, paperwork, letters, prior authorizations, etc. completed at the patient’s request outside of a patient visit. There is not a charge for refills or tasks that can be completed quickly (in less than 5 minutes). Insufficient funds, bounced checks, or reversed charges will also be subject to this $30 fee. Lab appointment preformed in conjunction with a medical visit will be charged a $30 administrative fee as opposed to a separate $50 lab appointment charge.

Controlled substances: we do not prescribe any narcotics (hydrocodone, oxycodone, morphine, etc.) or benzodiazepines (Xanax, Valium, Ativan, etc.) for chronic conditions. Patients requesting these medications will be referred to the appropriate pain management or psychiatric facility.

Since testosterone is a controlled substance, men and women on testosterone replacement will be required to have documented follow-up every six months.