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  • WellFit1

    Why WellFit Works: The Advantages of a Team Approach

    WellFit Medicine and Nutrition is a different kind of medical practice.  What’s so different about it? Why is it working so well? As it is with lots of great ideas – they often “evolve”, starting with a problem to be solved and then opening up doors to …

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    Exercise as Part of Daily Physical Activity

    Physical activity is considered a key component to living a healthy, functional life and preventing chronic disease as a person ages. However, as we grow into adulthood, we tend to become more and more sedentary; that is, we move less and less. Although many of …

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  • Wellfit 1053

    Grand Opening Celebration

    What a wonderful way to start out!. On the weekend of September 28th, we had our ribbon cutting with the Jackson Chamber of Commerce Friday morning, Grand Opening Party on Friday evening, and Family Day at CrossFit Jackson on Saturday, September 29th. We at WellFit …

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    Wellness and Beyond

    The World Health Organization defined health in its broader sense in 1946 as “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” Unfortunately the focus of the U.S. healthcare system has been on sickness and disease, not on prevention, …

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    CrossFit Forum Post 3

    As posted in the CrossFit Forum on March 18, 2012… Thanks everyone for your comments and interest! It was exciting to log in and see 1500 views. I just wanted to provide an update. Everything is moving forward, everyone is on board, just trying to …

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    CrossFit Forum Post 2

    As posted in the CrossFit Forum on December 23, 2011… Hey guys, I really appreciate all the feedback. Right now we are still in the planning phase, trying to work through some of the logistics involved in moving forward with this idea. I am fortunate that …

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    CrossFit Forum Post 1: Combining a CrossFit Gym and a Medical Clinic

    As posted on the CrossFit Forum December 14, 2011… I am a family physician and CF- L1 trainer. I have been exploring the idea of combining both of my passions under the same roof. The two businesses would be separate entities, but united in the …

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