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CrossFit Forum Post 2

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CrossFit Forum Post 2

As posted in the CrossFit Forum on December 23, 2011…

Hey guys, I really appreciate all the feedback. Right now we are still in the planning phase, trying to work through some of the logistics involved in moving forward with this idea. I am fortunate that I have such a great group to work with. We are looking at a team approach: trainers, MD, dietitian, PT, nurse, nurse practitioner, possibly massage (all devoted CrossFitters). So far I have been really encouraged by all of the positive feedback. There will inevitably be many challenges.

Practicing medicine in the US right now is a challenge with all of the changes in healthcare. Collectively we spend a lot of money and often get little in return. I am working on an MBA right now and approaching health and fitness from a business perspective has been helpful. When you think about it, your health is your greatest asset, and the return on investment is huge. My goal is to help my patients invest in their health, and take ownership for their well-being. CrossFit has helped me be in better shape in my thirties than I was in my twenties. I feel an obligation to help others reach their potential, even when they have no idea what is possible for them to achieve. Yesterday the CrossFit Affiliate page on Facebook had a quote from Coach Glassman that was particularly inspiring:

“What we have here, and I think it’s very significant is a unification of health and fitness.”

That is what I am seeking, and it is awesome that so many of you are doing, or plan to do something similar. Functional Fitness, Practical Medicine, Balanced Nutirtion: Real Results.

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