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CrossFit Forum Post 3

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CrossFit Forum Post 3

As posted in the CrossFit Forum on March 18, 2012…

Thanks everyone for your comments and interest! It was exciting to log in and see 1500 views. I just
wanted to provide an update. Everything is moving forward, everyone is on board, just trying to finalize
the location and financing. I have summarized some key points that succinctly capture what I am trying
to offer to my patients and the community. I am definitely an idealist, but wouldn’t call myself naïve. I
am confident it will work because I have been doing it, just not together. I spend all day seeing patients,
and then head to the gym to train. I want to integrate the two, and hope that by so doing I will become
both a better physician and trainer. I certainly welcome any comments, criticisms, or feedback. Thanks
in advance!


What makes us Different:

  • Medicine- Nutrition- Fitness all under the same roof, working together to improve patients’ health and quality of life.
  • Membership Medicine- patients become members of an innovative practice.
  • Goal-oriented, Family Focused: caring for adults, adolescents, and children.
  • We value and respect patient’s time; efficient model, decreased wait times.
  • Dedicated times for sick visits.
  • Effective use of technology: online scheduling, patient access portal, e prescribing, email consultations, calendar of events, Team Blog: Medicine, Nutrition, CrossFit.
  • Body composition analysis with before and after photos.
  • Seminars, classes, cooking demonstrations, and group visits.
  • We will work with you to decrease the number of medicines you take!
  • Annual physicals and comprehensive wellness visits complete with nutrition and exercise analysis.
  • Seamless incorporation of physical therapy into the treatment plan.
  • Special events and activities such as races, competitions, and charity fundraisers.
  • Personal and Family weight loss plans.
  • Take ownership of your health! We focus on personal responsibility and accountability. Track you progress using the WellFit Patient Scorecards.
  • Manage your health information and records in an efficient manner that makes visits to the ER, hospital, or specialist office hassle-free with the WellFit Patient Portfolio.
  • Convenient Lab Resources.
  • Referrals made at the time of visit to make scheduling easier.
  • Work to overcome “Metabolic Derangement” and the toll it takes on your energy levels, weight, and productivity. Treat the underlying cause not just the symptoms!
  • Online patient application and new patient orientation.
  • Patient membership card to facilitate access.
  • We are so progressive; we’ve gotten back to the basics: diet and exercise!

Featured Image by: Alex E. Proimos