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WellFit Nutrition welcomes your referrals!

Although we provide all of WellFit Medicine and Nutrition patients with nutrition services, we also accept referrals from other healthcare practitioners.

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A referral form is provided to the right for your convenience.  Patients will be accepted through the WellFit Medicine and Nutrition portal system which will allow them to have access to all their records, as well as scheduling and pertinent education materials online.  As their referring provider, patients are able to share their information with you directly, enabling seamless follow-up, with all the details present.  Of course, we work as part of your team with your patient to help them achieve their goals, while supporting you with supplemental services and enhancing your healthcare practice.

WellFit Nutrition will provide regularly scheduled, complementary classes in  healthy eating and cooking, along with cooking demonstrations to inform the community as to the positive lifestyle changes that can be made in their own homes.  We take out the guesswork and simplify the process by offering practical advice and applications.