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Meet YOUR WellFit RD

Cathy Draper, RDCathy Draper, President of WellFit Nutrition, PLLC, holds a Master of Science Degree in Clinical Nutrition from University of Memphis (2011), with a Bachelor’s of Science in Education, Department of Health and Sports Science, Dietetics concentration, also from the University of Memphis (2010). With more than 22 years in the food business as the co-owner of a large full-service, family-operated catering company, it became apparent that a love for working with food and people, and a concern for their health and well-being, would naturally lead to teaching people how food could be planned and used to help them improve their health.

Creativity and Insight

Creativity and insight are applied to each and every patient encounter, not only to provide the “numbers” and the science behind the treatment, but to work carefully with each client to ensure a practical solution is available to start them on their way to achieving improved health. YOUR dietitian is family-oriented and has a positive approach to tackling even the most complicated circumstances, using a step-by-step, customized plan and carefully communicating with and monitoring patients who entrust us with their care. A wife, a mother of five grown sons (one of whom is Dr. Draper), and a grandmother,  Cathy will work with individuals and families to assist in implementing healthy eating habits for one family member or for the entire family. Regularly-scheduled nutrition and cooking classes will offer additional support to those interested in making positive changes.YOUR WellFit dietitian is family-oriented and has a positive approach

Weight Management

Weight management is another area of interest at WellFit Nutrition. Weight problems contribute to a host of serious health problems in adults, children, and adolescents. Because it is such an overwhelming task at times, some write off attaining a healthy weight as unattainable.

YOUR WellFit dietitian has lots of life experience to add to the equation, and on top of being a qualified and licensed Registered Dietitian and food expert, she is a CrossFit Level 1 trainer, just for the fun of it. This makes her well rounded and fully aware of the process of pulling together a complete plan that can help take someone not only from sickness to wellness, but from wellness to fitness, and optimizing the potential that is in each person.YOUR WellFit dietitian can help you sort through the information and give guidance

A cookie-cutter approach to weight management is not the answer, as each individual is just that—AN INDIVIDUAL.  Lifestyle, health conditions, and other dynamics must be considered. Goal-setting and careful planning becomes easier as these variables are studied. A team approach is applied to the task at hand, working alongside a nutrition-conscious, M.D./trainer, or your referring physician, and turning that (formerly unattainable) goal into a reality.

Food Allergies and Sensitivities

Food allergies and sensitivities have become very prevalent. Reading food labels becomes a necessary acquired skill for many and the never-ending list of new ingredients used by food manufacturers can make one’s head spin. YOUR WellFit dietitian can help you sort through the information and give guidance as to what to look for when purchasing or ordering food, to avoid the culprits causing harm and discomfort, using the most updated guidelines available for specific health conditions.

Healthy Diet

Sometimes our clients just want to “eat a healthy diet” and are tired of thinking about what that might entail. That’s where our classes and one-on-one consultations can also be a breath of fresh air for someone who is perhaps struggling in this area. A new outlook can sometimes be priceless when you apply it to something we all must do several times each day–eat.


Athletes and future athletes will enjoy our performance-oriented planning, complimented by body-composition analysis, key measurements, before and after photos, and an opportunity to become part of our “Wall of Fame” as they work their plan to improve. The support available at WellFit Medicine and Nutrition is conducive to great success– as medicine, nutrition, and insight into physical activity team up to assist individuals in becoming more healthy and fit than they ever dreamed possible.more healthy and fit than they ever dreamed possible.

Simplicity, Dedication, and Respect

We’ve put all this together with simplicity, dedication, and great respect in mind. We try to lead by example and make the most of your experience and your time here in the office by getting back to basics and keeping a clear focus on your goals, working alongside you to help you improve your health…one step at a time. We enjoy working with motivated clients who become excited at the possibilities that lie ahead. Your team is here for you!